• enables photo-realistic rendering of any LDD model using POV-Ray™ for Windows
  • supports geometries of all LDD bricks - new bricks are supported automatically
  • flexible parts are supported -  new in version 1.1
  • several key POV-Ray™ parameters such as scene setup, lights, focal blur and radiosity can be set directly from LDD to POV-Ray GUI
  • choice four different levels of the details
  • option to apply bevels and LEGO® logo on studs for increased photorealism
  • option to use edge outlining for creating building instruction style images
  • slight random brick color variances to simulate differences in brick colors of bricks produced in different batches
  • slight random brick position variances to similate building imperfections of a real model
  • randomized rotation of  relevant bricks (e.g. 1x1 round plate) to simulate variation in rotation as it would appear building real models
  • optimized and fine-tuned color palette for very realistic output
  • highly customizable: brick surfaces, color palettes, materials, lights, color variance, brick position variance and more
  • custom decorations are supported  - new in version 1.1


See requirements for minimum system requirements.