• Why the installation requires administrative rights?
    It needs to install Callback File System, virtual file system SDK for Windows which uses a device driver and for the device driver installation administrative rights are required.
  • Do I have to pay for a Callback File System, virtual file system SDK for Windows licence?
    No, licence for this application was provided by the EldoS Corporation.
  • Why the installation displays "Error creating process. Reason: The requested operation requires elevation."?

    Installation error - operation requires elevation

    This error appears when installation was not started with the administrator account. Right click the installation exe name and select "Run as administrator". If you downloaded the zip file, unzip the installation exe into some folder before starting.
  • Why the installation displays "The specified service has been marked for deletion"?

    Installation error - driver marked for deletion

    This error appears when the installation was started right after uninstalling the application without system restart after uninstallation. Restart the computer and start the installation again.
  • Is it necessary to uninstall the previous version before installing a new version?
    No, it is NOT necessary to uninstall previous version. New version will replace the previous version automatically. All existing user defined settings will be preserved.