Basic settings

In this section you will find the information about basic model conversion parameters.
It covers the settings for:

  • model - basic settings for model conversion and appearance
  • level of detail - check this chapter to see differences and sample images of each level of detail
  • scene elements - scene background and the base plane for the model (shadows are cast on this plane)
  • lights and shadows - contains description of each of the default light sources and sample images of different settings
  • outlines - describes settings used for creating outlines for the building guide generating purposes

Note: The camera parameters cannot be directly adjusted. The camera position and view is taken from the model file so the camera view is the same as was the last view in LDD when model was saved. To get image really corresponding to what was seen in the LDD the output image aspect ratio (width/height) must be the same as your screen resolution. See also advanced camera for description and samples of different camera types and various effects like focal blur and FAQ for the most common questions related to the model conversion settings.